Police in Bannu detains workers of PDM

By National News Desk

Bannu: Police in the Bannu district of Pakistan detained an Anti-government rally in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa earlier this week on Friday.

Police said, the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) attendees have entered the sports complex forcibly and damaged the structure to organise a mega protest, Dawn News reported.

The FIR of the case was registered by SHO Imranullah Khattak of the Saddar City Police Station. The rally, which took place on Wednesday, was attended by PDM Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman and other senior leaders.

In its complaint, the police allege that leaders of different political parties have broken into the sports complex and begun to fix sound systems and lights and arrange chairs, containers and tents on the ground, Dawn added.

In addition, catering workers were also busy making arrangements, Dawn said. The police have filed a complaint citing a breach of the standard operating procedures of the coronavirus pandemic, even though some leaders claim that it is a garb to crack down on the united opposition, which is putting pressure on the Imran Khan government to resign as a result of military interference in the democratically elected regime of the country.

This comes after the PDM held massive rallies across major cities to seek the ouster of Imran Khan and press the powerful military to stop interference in politics.

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