US-based ‘Better Life Consultancy’ says its ready to provide vaccine to Pakistan


ISLAMABAD:   As Pakistan struggles to cope with second wave of pandemic of Covid-19, Chief Executive Officer of US based Better Life Consultancy has said they can provide up to 100 million two part vaccines to the people of Pakistan with permissions from the Chinese Government on a very fast track of couple of week.

“The vaccine has a three phase human study behind it proving efficacy well over 94%. This is a very high success rate for any vaccine. We have the ability currently to make available up to 100 million two part vaccines to the Pakistani people with permissions from the Chinese Government on a very fast track of couple of weeks for delivery by our air fleet we have at the ready. We are confident we can bring all the 100 million vaccines to Pakistan in well under one month,” Mr. Brian Spire, Chief Executive Officer, Better Life Consultancy LLC, Los Angeles, California, USA told Islamabad Telegraph on Tuesday.

“We would find it a great deed and rewarding Opportunity to currently be of service and help the Pakistani people to ward off and protect against the effects and Mortality issues associated with the coronavirus,” he added.

With 40 additional fatalities from coronavirus in the last 24 hours, death toll from Corona has increased to 8,025. With people still taking the pandemic of Covid-19 very lightly and political rallies fetching thousands across Pakistan, death toll from deadly virus may rise to an alarming extent.

Official statistics released by the government revealed that Sindh reported 2,924, Punjab, 2,991, Khyber Pakhtoonkhaw, 1,368, Baluchistan, 166, Islamabad, 314, Gilgit Baltistan, 97 and Azad Jammu and Kashmir 165 case of corona during last 24 hours.

Alarmed by the rapidly growing number of cases ,Prime Minister Imran Khan is going to hold an important meeting Today on Tuesday, December, 1, 2020 to discuss strategies either to impose complete lockdown across country or not. In the same sitting, authorities in charge of Pakistan’s Ministry of Health are expected to present a proposal regarding import of vaccine.

Officials told ‘Islamabad Telegraph’ that National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) has is all set to present its  recommendations for the procurement of the vaccine against Covid-19 in Today’s meeting of federal Cabinet.

“NCOC today finalised its recommendations for procurement of Covid vaccine. These will be presented to the cabinet tomorrow for approval. The task force of experts headed by SAPM health Dr Faisal Sultan had developed the recommendations which were discussed and finalised today,” Asad Umar, federal Minister, said in a tweet on Monday.

Currently, Pakistani authorities are considering import of two vaccines including Pfizer’s covid-19 vaccine and the vaccine of AstraZeneca.

Both vaccines has huge difference in price. Officials told Islamabad telegraph that Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine is priced at $20 and two shots of the vaccine will be provided to each person so it will cost $40 to vaccinate each person. The vaccine of AstraZeneca, meanwhile, will be available for $4 per dose so $8 will be required to vaccinate one person.

“However, Pakistan can negotiate the price,” said an official familiar with the development.

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