Pakistan’s exports to Thailand up by 41.45% in 2019

By Our Staff Reporter

Karachi: Thailand’s Consul Gene-ral in Karachi Thatree Chauvachata said that his country’s trade with Pakistan increased to $1.46 billion last year and stressed the need to strengthen bilateral economic relations.

During a meeting with senior vice-president Abdullah Achakzai, vice-president Akhtar Kakar and other leaders of the Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industry (QCCI) here on Monday, he said that more effort was needed to further improve bilateral trade and enhance economic relations between Pakistan and Thailand.

He said that Thailand exported $1,174.25 million to Pakistan for vehicles, crude oil, chemicals, rubber goods, machinery and polymers, etc and services. Similarly, Pakistan’s exports to Thailand increased by 41.45% in 2019.

“Pakistan has exported aquatic animals, clothing and textiles to Thailand,” he said, adding that Pakistan ranks 36th in Thailand’s global investment, while South Asia ranks 2nd.

The Thai Envoy said that nine meetings have so far been held between the two countries to raise bilateral trade volumes.

He told the meeting that very recently, Pakistan’s Electro-Polymers Private Limited and Thai Stanley Electric Public Company Limited had entered into a historic alliance by signing an international tripartite joint venture with Japan, Thailand and Pakistan.

Mr Chauvachata said that the trade between the two countries has increased tremendously in recent years. In 2016, the value of two-way trade amounted to around $1 billion, which grew to $1.7 billion in 2018. From 2016 to 2018, Pakistan’s exports to Thailand increased from $110 million to $225 million, while imports from Thailand increased from $920 million to $1.4 billion, he said.

QCCI Senior Vice President Abdullah Achakzai and Vice President Akhtar Kakar told the meeting that trade between the two countries had been seriously affected by the coronavirus pandemic and asked the Thai authorities to consider the Covid-19 test reports from Pakistani traders.

They requested the Thai consul general to extend multiple visa validation up to six years.

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