Ensure fundamental rights to every citizen, Boris Johnson tells Imran Khan

By our Diplomatic Correspondent

Islamabad: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has asked Imran Khan-led government in Pakistan to “guarantee fundamental rights” to all citizens of south Asian countries.

The matter was raised in the British Parliament by Minister for South Asia and the Commonwealth Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon with Pakistani’s Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari.

The problem emerged after recent reports of the killing of Mehmood Khan, an Ahmadi in northern Peshawar. He’s the fourth Ahmadi to be shot dead in the area. Ahmadi are minorities in Pakistan and are considered heretical in mainstream Islam.

While raising the question of killing, the British MP said, “We should not neglect humanitarian injustices and the plight of oppressed minorities.”

“Hatred preached in Pakistan, ends up on the streets of Britain and it is in the interest of our own security that the British Government makes it clear to Pakistan, that state supported persecution must end,” he said.

India has repeatedly highlighted the worsening situation of minorities in Pakistan in the past , especially the powerful conversion of the Hindu , Sikh and Christian minorities.

Last week, India summoned the top Pakistani diplomat to Delhi after the administration of Holy Kartarpur, Sahib Gurudwara, was handed over to a panel with no Sikh representation.

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