Christian mother & son shot dead in Pakistan

By Special Correspondent

Islamabad: Days after a court in Pakistan orders arrest of all accused involved in forced conversion of a Christian teenage girl in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, a Christian mother and her son were murdered in broad day light.

Police confirmed the incident and said it was investigating the case.

It all happened at a village in the Pakistani province of Punjab on Monday in what the sources in police believe was a killing over alleged blasphemy.

Shabbir Masih told local police that his wife Yasmeen Masih and son Usman Masih were killed by their neighbour Hussain Shakoor in Hussain Kathore village located in Ahmad Nagar area of Gujranwala district after a heated argument between Yasmeen and Hussain’s mother, Itrat Bibi.

Police report didn’t mention ‘blasphemy’ as the reason behind killings, rgether said murder was a result of dispute between the two families.

” Shabbir Masih has informed us that the two women had entered into an argument over street cleaning and this was the reason why Itrat Bibi and her son took revenge on Monday,” a source told Islamabad Telegraph.

Eye witnesses said Hussain Shakoor first shot Yasmeen and when her son came to aid his mother, he also was also shot in the chest.

“We are investigating the case. Police will play its part to ensure ‘justice is done’,” District Police Officer Gujranwala told this newspaper.

According to a report of ” Perscution’ an organization working for the rights of Christians worldwide, weeks prior to the killings, Shakoor’s mother, Ishrat, blocked the sewer line coming from the Christians’ home.
According to Sardar, the Muslim family did not like waste water flowing by their home from the house of an ‘untouchable’.

Due to widespread religious discrimination in Pakistan, Christians are often associated with untouchability. Offensive terms, like choora, are used by Pakistan’s Muslim population to denote this untouchable status for Christians.

On November 9, Ishrat called Yasmeen out of her house and started abusing her for unblocking the sewer line coming from the Christian home. During the dispute, Ishrat called her son, Hassan, who opened fire on Yasmeen. Usman, Yasmeen’s son, was caught in the cross fire as he tried to rescue his mother. Both Christians were shot multiple times and were killed on the scene.

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