Blue, The Kaleidoscope; chilling tale of a rape survivor in Pakistan

By Dr.Hamza Tahir

Traumatized, sickened, betrayed, threatened, and most importantly alone. These are the few things that must run through a rape victim’s mind. Are their myriad of hurtful emotions heard by the rest of the world?. It certainly does not seem so in the current state of our country.

In this Pakistani-American short movie “Blue, A kaleidoscope”, Danial K. Afzal , the director, portrays a chilling tale of a rape survivor, who suffers from this terrible fate at a very young age of just 10 years. Produced by a Chicago based production company , Arash visual Inc, this short film is inspired by a BBC report by Amber Shamsi, titled, “How rape was filmed and shared in Pakistan”. It deals with such a sensitive but essential subject in the most dignified manner and compels the audience to experience the true pain of a sexual abuse survivor and it is far from feeling just “Blue”.

The short movie tells us a horrifying story of a young girl, who instead of being under the protective and loving vale of her neighborhood is snatched away and sexually abused. As shown in the movie that keeps the audience gripped throughout out, the cold act of crime is then recorded and made available for everyone to see.

As shocking as it sounds, this case is not fairly new in our country’s current state. Many sexually assaulted survivors are either silenced, threatened into isolation, or made believe that it’s “not a big deal”. Danial K. Afzal, a graduate of Lewis & Clark , Portland, Oregon, has shown us through his cunning work in Blue, how exactly the world around a rape victim reacts. With a lack of support and negligible room to breathe and vent, it drives the victim mad. Sufferings from disorders namely; post-traumatic stress disorder, severe depression, and debilitating anxiety, are just a few of them.

In a country that practices a religion that should place a woman at the highest rank, it is ironic to see the same figure abused, assaulted, and oppressed in the lowest ways possible. However, thankfully by the work of passionate and dedicated young filmmakers like Danial K. Afzal, who has won many awards for his brilliant work, the spark of awareness in the viewers is inevitable.

His award-winning documentary The survivor is also part of his tasteful work on issues that are otherwise considered a taboo looked down upon, or swiped under the rug. He will defiantly keep provoking thoughts in those who are adamant in making a change. Will this 9 minute long masterpiece Blue, A Kaleidoscope be effective in decreasing the numbers on the charts of abuse cases? We certainly hope so.

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