Islamabad police arrests Indian Diplomats for ‘Over speeding’


ISLAMABAD: Islamabad police arrested Indian diplomats for over speeding in the morning on Monday.

Over speeding car of Indian diplomats hit a passenger who was rushed to hospital, Islamabad police said.

Police officials told Islamabad Telegraph that the diplomats will be released in the evening on Monday in accordance with law.

Earlier, media reports suggested that two Indian High Commission officials mysteriously disappeared from Islamabad.

Press secretary of Indian High Commission in Islamabad confirmed to ‘ Islamabad Telegraph’ that officials left their residences in at 08:30 AM for office and never made it to High Commission which is hardly a 10-15 minutes drive from their respective residences.

” They left for work in the morning on Monday on Monday , June 15, 2020 and didn’t make to office yet,” Mr. Akhlesh, spokesperson of Indian High Commission in Islamabad told this newspaper.

Akhlesh said, The matter has been taken up with the Pakistani authorities.

A source from Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the same . However, decline to make further comments.

It’s a developing story. Stay tunes for more detail

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